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4-Letter Domains Consistently Breaking $2,000

Watch out for LLLL.

The value of 4-letter .com domains continues to rise, according to sales data from industry news sites like llllsales.com and DNJournal.com.

Just this month, domains like bkpp.com, tfxp.com, ybtb.com, and cxxw.com each sold for around $3,000 in aftermarket sales. While not all 4-letter domains are commanding 4-figure price tags, we are seeing a consistent upward trend with many names breaking the $2,000 mark, week after week.

Here are just some of the recent LLLL.com sales, as reported by llllsales.com:

• bybh.com – sold for $2,887.84 on 11/16/15
• sycf.com – sold for $4,865.38 on 11/16/15
• bhjg.com – sold for $2,826.78 on 11/16/15
• xydx.com – sold for $3,300 on 11/16/15
• scqn.com – sold for $2,708 on 11/16/15
• sdwj.com – sold for $3,300 on 11/16/15

Only a year ago, LLLL.com domains rarely surpassed $2,000, with the exception of those that contained a vowel. Today, we're seeing continued demand for these domains, especially from Chinese buyers who are increasingly buying in bulk.

As DNJournal wrote last month, the market for LLLL.com domains seems to be getting hotter by the day. Don't expect them to catch up with the prices seen at the 3-letter .com level any time soon. But make no mistake, LLLL domains are rapidly growing in value.

Ron Jackson of DNJournal writes, "4-letter .coms aren't trading anywhere near the 6-figure nosebleed level we've seen with some 3-number .coms, but many of these LLLL domains that could be hand registered just a few years ago are now routinely changing hands for four figures."

Domains with repeating patterns, such as trrt.com seem to be especially sought-after right now. But even seemingly random strings of consonants like kgnm.com have sold for between $2,000 and $3,000 in recent days.

According to public sales data, the majority of the activity is originating in China. Jackson writes, "It almost seems like the Chinese are mining out one category then moving on to the next with strings that are a character longer than the group before. Two and 3 letter .coms have been red hot all year, as have the ultra short numerics. Now we see interest further out with 4-letter .coms and numerics that are getting even longer than that."

If you're new to the market and don't quite have the capital to dive into LLL territory, now is a good time to consider 4-letter domains or even 5-letter. We'll be watching these trends closely in the months ahead.

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