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4 Reasons to Choose an Experienced Broker When Entering the Chinese Domain Market


If you're thinking about making money from buying and selling domains, you need to do your homework first. Without the proper knowledge and guidance from experienced professionals, you could make some costly investment mistakes. That's especially true when entering the Chinese domain market.

Before you dive head-first into the domain market, you should consider getting the expertise of a broker who can guide you on your purchases and sales.

Here are 4 reasons why:

1) Accurate Appraisals
Appraising a domain accurately is a crucial first step to buying or selling, especially when it comes to domains that could potentially appeal to both American and Chinese buyers. As a buyer, you want to make sure you're paying a fair price – one that offers plenty of room for growth. As a seller, you want to make sure you're getting what the domain is worth. An experienced broker will help you determine if the price is right.

2) Hidden Meanings (or Lack Thereof)
Before you buy a pinyin domain, a numeric domain or a seemingly random 3-, 4- or 5-number domain, in hopes of reselling it to Chinese buyers, you must know how the domain will be perceived by those buyers. Without knowledge of Chinese culture and language, you may not know if your domain has a "hidden" negative meaning or perhaps no meaning at all. Certain numbers, numeric combinations and letter combinations can have a tremendous impact on the value of a domain, in either direction. Only a broker well versed in both American and Chinese culture can give you an accurate appraisal.

3) Access to buyers and sellers
Another key reason to use a broker is their network. Unless you have your own connections to buyers and sellers in the Chinese domain market, then you probably won't get very far on your own. As a buyer, you won't even know about the most attractive domain listings. And as a seller, you won't be able to find buyers willing to pay the price you're asking for. A good broker will have access to a large network of buyers and sellers to make your transaction happen.

4) Confidentiality
Want to buy a domain without anyone knowing about it? Want to access confidential listings that most buyers never know about? Want to keep your domain sale private? For each of these, you'll need the guidance of an experienced broker who can help you maintain confidentiality or get you on the "inside" of major domain sales.

Buying premium domains on "gut" feelings or uninformed speculation is risky and likely to cost you. Don't make the mistake of trying to enter the Chinese domain market without seeking the expertise of a professional broker.

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