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Are 6-digit domains on the rise?

When it comes to the Chinese domain market, we talk a lot about the demand for short 2-, 3- or 4-number/letter domains. The best of the best domains in this category can fetch prices in the 6-7 figure range. And as Domain Name Wire points out, Chinese buyers are almost always on one end of these transactions, if not both.

But what about longer names, such as 6-digit numeric domains? At the domain market dinner table, these domains "have traditionally been relegated to children’s folding chairs at the far end," Domain Name Wire's Joseph Peterson says. But recently, this has begun to change.

Peterson, who tracks the sale of expired domains every week, has noticed a continued upward trend in 5- and 6-digit domains, highlighted by two noteworthy buys in September: $7,500 for 597888.com, and $7,300 for 576888.com.

These figures may not seem particularly impressive compared to the 6- and 7-figure offers generated for shorter domains. But it's an interesting trend to note, particularly since we're talking about expired domains in this case.

As shorter numeric domains become more scarce, it's only natural that prices will rise for other options, such as NNNNNN.com domains. And that appears to be what’s happening, Peterson notes. The domain market has remained strong through the weakened Chinese stock market – and the volatility of those stocks is likely a key driver for these rising domain prices right now.

Of course, don't expect NNNNNN.com domains to catch up with their shorter-numeric cousins in value any time soon. But if you're considering expanding your portfolio, this may be one area to watch.

As always, just be sure to do your research. Before you buy a 5- and 6-digit domain, consider the significance of the numbers in that domain and what they mean. Certain numerics will be more attractive to Chinese buyers, while others may have little to no significance at all. Consider using an experienced domain broker who can help you identify the potential and the value before you invest.

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